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Anusha Js name is synonymous with the explosive globalization of Indias fashion industry specially Indore. A pioneer in her field, she launched her label in 2010 when Indore was still awakening to the couture era.This led Vogue magazine to showcase her in a magnificent way, anyone from Indore for very first time .Empowered by her experience as the protg of the Indian embroidery maestro, she fused Indian aesthetics with global fashion trends, just as India began opening its borders to international trade.Similarly, fashion connoisseurs across the world have objectively evaluated her creations as retro as well as eclectic and futuristic. And amazingly she is the mother of two great & naughty handsome son. No one could ever believe but To acknowledge her path-breaking contribution to fashion and design, Anusha was awarded countless prestigious Awards, one of the rarest of rare halos.She is amongst the most recognizable faces of India in her sphere, and has been included in the 100 most creative people of the Madhya Pradesh, and as one amongst the galaxy of the Top 15 Women of Indore. she designs ready-to-wear dresses for women, with the prime focus on the personality. Enhancing flattering parts and concealing the not-so-flattering ones. She marries traditional and artisanal Indian themes skilfully to arrive at contemporary design silhouettes that stand out as work of art. She uses embellishments as an important technique to expose the colors.Her unique and distinct sense of styling separates created ripples in the fashion industry. It is now a real deal. Lahnga & saree that everyone is raving about right now is her brain child, and so is the idea of using a cape for the Indian attire. Signatures like these put them on a scaffold and what keeps them going for over a few decades.

The source of creativity

compared to the Brand Name Anusha is more famous than her brand .Best known for her eponymous label, Anusha is much revered in the industry. Her collection is an act of presenting India's rich craft encapsulated in global contours.

Anusha's philosophy is about innovation with regards to the Indian style, while also keeping it extremely relevant to the modern world. For instance, the Lahanga commonly accredited to the brand, is now accepted as a modern high waist trouser worn with a dupatta or the Indian skirt.

Anusha used soft fabrics with added drapes while clinching it to the waist for structure. Teamed up with kurtas and capes, boots and shirts gives a perfect example of modern relevance.

Anusha is all about finding your own personal style and having the dream and vision to express them to the world around you.